Monday, May 15, 2006

Finished a Nautie!

Ok, so I had to do it. I jumped on the nautie bandwagon (see the nautie knitty button below to go to the pattern). This thing is so cute and my nephew Farrell loves squids and make it a dinosaur squid and we have kindergarten nirvana. I decided to make it so I can send down a gift box to Tom and the fam for all the May birthdays: that would include a present for Miriam (not going to tell unless she reads this) and also the Piper Tutu and Nautie for Farrell. FUN! The colors of the nautie turned out to be a little gross but that gives the little guy even more boy-appeal. I love the dreadlock/tentacles.

Well I had a tooth pulled today so I'm feeling a little under the weather. This week I will post about playing Joni songs at the Recovery Center benefit on Saturday night!! A good time was had by all!!

take care, sue


Yang-May Ooi said...

Hi Sue

Just to say thanks for letting me use one of your knitting pics on my blog - I've now finished the post and it is up on my site at (If you can't see it search the site for "knitting blogs" in the search box the sidebar)

I love the squid in this post of yours - it is so cute! The apparel and other goodies you've created are amazing.

All the best
Yang-May Ooi, Fusion View

Anonymous said...

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