Tuesday, March 23, 2010

After four years, Silkroad Cardigan is done!!!

Jo Sharp Silkroad Cardigan, Interweave Knits, Fall 2004 

I bought the yarn for this project in July 2006 off of ebay.  The yarn is gorgeous, a wool/silk and cashmere blend. I used colorways Brindle (brownish gray) and Pulp (creamy yellow ivory).  I love the pattern but once I started working on it I got bored from the endless inches of ribbing. Hence it lay in the hibernating pile for years!!

I started working on it again in September 2009.  I got a tip through Ravelry that you really need 3 skeins to finish the collar/tie section and thank God I was able to find another skein to match on ebay. 

Don’t know if there is Errata for this pattern but when I got to the collar/ties and connected the tie to the collar for the first time the ribbing didn’t match so I had to increase a purl st at the end of the tie and a purl st at the beginning of the collar, so that meant there were 44 sts all together instead of 42 (24 for collar, 18 for tie, plus two inc sts). I had to then decrease these two sts when I separated for the other end, collar/tie.

If I was going to make it again I’d probably make it about 4 inches longer but at this point I’ll go with how it came out. The thought of frogging gets me crazy!! :-)  The look is a little different on me than the willowy model in the photo but I'd say that happens for almost all the sweaters I knit!!!  Ha ha.  :-)

Now on to the next late project!! Take care, Sue