Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I'm wearing my new Box Cable socks for St. Patrick's Day.  I made them last weekend.

I used the Toe-up pattern by Ann Budd from Interweave Knits Summer 2007.

I love this pattern because it not only makes nice fitting socks but it is very easy to improvise different patterns.  On this pair I used a cable pattern from my VK Stitchionary for Cables. The Box Cable is #141.  I used the pattern on the 24 sts on the instep and then when I reached an inch beyond the heel I switched to 4st cable and 3 purl st rib.  I have also perfected the sewn bind off by Elizabeth Zimmerman.  This makes a stretchy top so that you can actually fit the socks over your heel!! You can find this method in any of her books.  I used the Knitter's Almanac.

I also made the socks a little bigger so that I could felt them a bit.  I love this wool for socks but if I don't felt them a little right before I wear them, they will felt A LOT the first time I wash them.  I ran them through with some pants and then hung them to dry and they fit really great.  

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!  Wear your green socks!!!