Monday, January 23, 2006

my favorite poncho

Last spring I was in AC Moore and they had this great yarn 50% off: Gedifra Distrato. It was in my favorite colors; yellow ochre, burnt orange, and brown with alternating stripes of cotton/rayon and fur, very yummy and soft. I paid 3.50 a skein, and bought all of the skeins that were left (9 or 10 as I recall). I ripped a free poncho pattern off the rack and designed a poncho that is two rectangles sewn together. I alternated stockinette for the fur stripe with a simple lace pattern for the cotton. After I sewed the rectangles together I made a fringe with just the cotton part of the yarn. Here is a nasty cell phone picture of my nice poncho:

This yarn is always on ebay and if you can get it for under $5 it's a steal.

I will post a nicer picture and a pattern to download when I get my birthday present!

have fun today, Sue

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