Friday, January 20, 2006

Knit with me: A twin set

About a year ago I bought a dozen skeins of Peer Gynt dk in an oatmeal tweed color. I bought it specifically for a cabled pullover from VK (can't remember the issue now). Well, I started the sweater but after a while the pattern became confusing and didn't look as intricate as it did in the photo, so I gave up on it. I've been wanting to make a nice twin set to wear to work and as I surfed the knitting web magazines I came upon two patterns that I think will go great together. The first one I found was at MagKnits, a t-shirt pattern by Grumperina.

Picovoli by Grumperina

I ordered the yarn Shine in cream from knitpicks for this t-shirt since it needs a bit of stretch (look at those boobs, that's the best part about this top, how flattering it is to boobacious babes). I received the yarn yesterday (my first purchase from knitpicks) and it matches the oatmeal yarn PERFECTLY! That's a good sign.

Next, I found a very nice cardigan at called Bristow.

Bristow by Melanie Gibbons

I'm hoping that the pattern on this cardigan flatters the oatmeal tweed yarn. I've started the back and I love the brown flecks. The yarn is slightly scratchy but not too bad. I'm feeling good about this project.

The photo problem is basically fixed but I realize that my nasty cell phone shots are ugly (plus it looks stupid when you have the cellphone covering the sweater!! So I'm going to try and get a reasonably priced digital camera for my birthday. That will be a good investment when I start posting my paintings and patterns.

Yeah, it's Saturday. I'm hibernating today with my knitting and a book I picked up at the Cornell library called "The Artist and the Emotional World."

take care, sue

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