Sunday, July 03, 2011

Shadow WIP list

I assume that most people who read knitting blogs know about Ravelry, so you will know when I say that chronic starters like me have a "SHADOW WIP LIST." That group of started items that you don't put in your Ravelry notebook. I guess I think of these items as shameful starts that I don't want to admit to, like my inner critic is saying "you started another damn sweater? What about the 9 WIPs you have on your RAV notebook? Don't you care about them?" Damn I hate that voice (and why does it always sound like my ex-husband!!).

So here I am coming clean about the things I've started since I was going to start seaming this cute baby sweater for my friend's new granddaughter:

or this very simple dish towel that I wanted for my kitchen (only 20 rows to go!):

Well it's time to come clean ... over the past week I've started another pair of flip flop socks, Norah Gaughan's Kaiju from Vol. 1 in Origami, and a new design of my own with some Red Heart Eco Cotton Blend that I got at Hobby Lobby in Elmira.

Ok, I got that off my chest. Thanks for letting me share. Now to get back to that new design. More about that soon. :-)

Have a great weekend!! Sue