Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Santa sent me a new camera!!!


I'm really hoping that my blog can go to the next level now that I have a REAL digital camera. I've been knitting like crazy and have some shots of christmas presents that I finished. My fantasy knitting life and my real life hit a major road block the friday before christmas eve when I realized that I had only finished one present (my list included at least 15 projects). I have no discernment when it comes to the time it takes to make a nice knitted object for gifts. So instead of having 15 wrapped presents for my wonderful family I gave them each a card with an IOU.

My nephew and niece were the only ones who received finished projects:

Here is Sheldon the Turtle for Pipey:

This pattern is in the new issue at really fun to make!! and pipey loved it!!

I also made what I call the "Ringo Hat" for my nephew Farrell. He's 6 and his dad is a HUGE beatle fan so I crafted this version of the brimmed hat from the Knit.1 men's issue.

Here's some more shots of Piper and Farrell during their christmas romp at Nana's:

OK, I'm being kicked out of my favorite wireless coffee shop so I will devulge more about christmas knitting another time.

take care, sue