Saturday, April 29, 2006

My first felted hat


Here is a very small, crappy cell phone picture of my new felted bucket hat. I'm pretty happy with the way it came out although the color of the yarn is not as bright as I thought it would be. I had to run it through the washer in hot water about 4 times before I got the right size. Now I have a great wool hat for rainy days this spring! :-)

So now my next project is what I'm calling my Kurt Percentage Sweater. I named it after Kurt Cobain who was quite a sweater afficianado. Stay tuned!


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Knitting Blogs, in general


As you can see I've added the knitting blogs ring to my buttons. I'm on the list to be added to the ring but I haven't been approved yet. Every day I've been surfing, looking at other knitting blogs, trying to get ideas about what I personally like about knitting blogs. There are some beautiful writers out there, also some amazing knitters, but the thing I love about going to other knitting blogs is just to look at what other people are knitting. Maybe it's the way the random ring works but I can't believe how many people knit socks! I've knit at least two pairs of socks but they are not my favorite thing to knit. I enjoy sites where people have FREE patterns, but I'm also willing to buy a pattern now and again if I like it. For instance, I love the Chic Knits site because she has great free patterns but also very simple classic designs that you can download for about 5 bucks. This week I downloaded the Felted Bucket Hat pattern. I have a load of scratchy burnt orange wool in my stash and I thought this would be a good first felting project for me. I can't see myself wearing a sweater of this yarn (even though I have pounds of it) so I was willing to buy this pattern to get the step by step process down.

I have to say too that I skim the writing in most blogs and am not interested in reading travelogues, kidologues or petolouges, not to say that those things are not good it's just that I'm only interested in the knitting. And I also bypass blogs that take way too long to download (still on dialup here). I'm hoping I'm able to set up my blog as a site that is a place where I personally would stay for at least one read through.

Hope you have a great day! sue

Friday, April 21, 2006

Spring Scarf!!

A quick post because I have to go to work. I was surfing the knitting blogs this morning and found the pattern for my scarf! The crocheting was going badly, mostly because the hook was too small and the boucle cotton kept on splitting, so when I saw this simple knit scarf I thought, voila! this will work perfectly (and it's very cute).

I found it at the Blog "The Whole Ball of Yarn(s)" by Allison Campbell. I started the first pattern repeat this morning and like how it looks:

To get the pattern, go here: Spring Scarf

have a great day! sue

Thursday, April 20, 2006

my mission statement

OK, I promised a mission statement to help me with my yarn diet. Here we go:

Cloudheights Knits is a creative endeavor devoted to developing my potential as a knit designer. My mission is to apply innovative ideas and informed choices to improve my knowledge and enjoyment of knitwear design and be economical with time and resources. My motivation is based on spiritual goals and a healthy lifestyle. I also strive to encourage others to achieve their own personal and creative fulfillment. My motto is: Beautiful knitwear comes from inspiration combined with good planning and the right yarn.

Whoa is that pompous enough for you? Ok, so the translation is: learn how to knit first, plan a sweater before I buy yarn, and try not to work on more than 10 projects at a time!!! :-)

So much for my start as a knitwear entrepreneur. Now back to Picovoli.

Still haven't bought any yarn!! YEAH!


Sunday, April 16, 2006

Stashalong is bringing out the worst in me!

Happy Easter for those who celebrate. I'm in my eighth year of being an ambivalent catholic, but I'll talk about that some other time. It's a long story. :-)

So when you do something different you usually get an emotional snapshot of who you are. I know I'm fanatical about my knitting but I didn't realize how much until I joined this Stashalong. I've been good, I haven't bought any yarn, although I still spend too much time looking at yarn in stores and online that I covet. But the actual knitting is going badly. I was on a roll finishing pieces that made me feel like I was kicking the "let's start a sweater" jones. This problem goes like this, and you all know it: Wow, that yarn is on sale, let's buy a pile: uh oh, i don't know what to make with it, let's look for a pattern: this one looks like it might work, if I re-gauge it and change the neckline and do a different pattern stitch: OK, let's start knitting, Oh God it looks horrible and I'm getting bored - then I throw it on the stash pile and start something else.

Since I started Stashalong, I've been working on nine different sweaters and a scarf with no progress on any of them. It's almost like I have to do my homework and I'm not playing. Each of these projects excited me when I started them, but the idea that I can't start anything new until I finish something old that's on the pile is getting me cranky!! :-) Is this the knitting version of detox? I have experience detoxing from an addictive substance and it feels the same! So although we joke about "12-step programs for compulsive knitters" maybe there is something to it. It's not so much that you are depriving yourself of the substance that gives you a high, it's more that there are compulsive behaviors that rear their ugly head and impede our ability to carry creative thinking to a natural conclusion.

I don't want to mimic a recovery system and say you need to work "steps" to break these bad habits but I think a good start is a mission statement.

Ok, since I'm writing this as I think, I'm going to work a little bit of research and then post later about how to write a "Knitting Mission Statement."

stay tuned, sue

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Happy April!!

We are having gorgeous weather here in Ithaca today. It brings hope that the long winter is over but you have to be cautious. Sometimes it still snows in April in Ithaca!!

I've decided to join the Stashalong. I am a yarn addict. I admit it. I have not been able to control myself in buying yarn even though I am completely poor and in debt after putting my brilliant daughter through college. I don't regret one penny but I realize continually buying yarn on credit is so stupid I need a program. Stashalongs should be categorized under other 12-step programs, in my opinon. :-)

So I have this boucle cotton yarn that I bought on sale at Michael's and I want a lineny look scarf to wear this spring. I found a pattern but it's in CROCHET!! You have no idea how long it's been since I crocheted anything (has to be since the late 80s) but when I did a swatch I realized I basically remember how to do it and this is a fairly simple pattern. It's from the VK Spring 2005.

So my goal is to not buy yarn till at least May 1. Believe me I have more than enough backed up projects to keep me busy.

Hope you are enjoying a nice day today. Later I'll tell you about the Joni wig I'm making for Only Joni Open Mic on Wed.

seeya, sue