Thursday, April 20, 2006

my mission statement

OK, I promised a mission statement to help me with my yarn diet. Here we go:

Cloudheights Knits is a creative endeavor devoted to developing my potential as a knit designer. My mission is to apply innovative ideas and informed choices to improve my knowledge and enjoyment of knitwear design and be economical with time and resources. My motivation is based on spiritual goals and a healthy lifestyle. I also strive to encourage others to achieve their own personal and creative fulfillment. My motto is: Beautiful knitwear comes from inspiration combined with good planning and the right yarn.

Whoa is that pompous enough for you? Ok, so the translation is: learn how to knit first, plan a sweater before I buy yarn, and try not to work on more than 10 projects at a time!!! :-)

So much for my start as a knitwear entrepreneur. Now back to Picovoli.

Still haven't bought any yarn!! YEAH!


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