Sunday, April 02, 2006


Happy April!!

We are having gorgeous weather here in Ithaca today. It brings hope that the long winter is over but you have to be cautious. Sometimes it still snows in April in Ithaca!!

I've decided to join the Stashalong. I am a yarn addict. I admit it. I have not been able to control myself in buying yarn even though I am completely poor and in debt after putting my brilliant daughter through college. I don't regret one penny but I realize continually buying yarn on credit is so stupid I need a program. Stashalongs should be categorized under other 12-step programs, in my opinon. :-)

So I have this boucle cotton yarn that I bought on sale at Michael's and I want a lineny look scarf to wear this spring. I found a pattern but it's in CROCHET!! You have no idea how long it's been since I crocheted anything (has to be since the late 80s) but when I did a swatch I realized I basically remember how to do it and this is a fairly simple pattern. It's from the VK Spring 2005.

So my goal is to not buy yarn till at least May 1. Believe me I have more than enough backed up projects to keep me busy.

Hope you are enjoying a nice day today. Later I'll tell you about the Joni wig I'm making for Only Joni Open Mic on Wed.

seeya, sue

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