Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Knitting Blogs, in general


As you can see I've added the knitting blogs ring to my buttons. I'm on the list to be added to the ring but I haven't been approved yet. Every day I've been surfing, looking at other knitting blogs, trying to get ideas about what I personally like about knitting blogs. There are some beautiful writers out there, also some amazing knitters, but the thing I love about going to other knitting blogs is just to look at what other people are knitting. Maybe it's the way the random ring works but I can't believe how many people knit socks! I've knit at least two pairs of socks but they are not my favorite thing to knit. I enjoy sites where people have FREE patterns, but I'm also willing to buy a pattern now and again if I like it. For instance, I love the Chic Knits site because she has great free patterns but also very simple classic designs that you can download for about 5 bucks. This week I downloaded the Felted Bucket Hat pattern. I have a load of scratchy burnt orange wool in my stash and I thought this would be a good first felting project for me. I can't see myself wearing a sweater of this yarn (even though I have pounds of it) so I was willing to buy this pattern to get the step by step process down.

I have to say too that I skim the writing in most blogs and am not interested in reading travelogues, kidologues or petolouges, not to say that those things are not good it's just that I'm only interested in the knitting. And I also bypass blogs that take way too long to download (still on dialup here). I'm hoping I'm able to set up my blog as a site that is a place where I personally would stay for at least one read through.

Hope you have a great day! sue

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