Monday, July 07, 2008

Hey What Happened to My Blog!!


I went to my blog today to post and realized all my pictures were gone!!! Then I realized that the place where I've been storing my pics went away. Bummer. That's what happens when you change jobs!! (shhh!)

So I'll be in the process of getting all my buttons back up but in the meantime I'm using this generic template (which isn't so bad really).

What I really need is my own website. That's one of many things on my wishlist including an iphone, a new deck on the back of my house (since I'm daydreaming, make that a four seasons room!), and a $500 gift certificate to Schaefer yarns!

Well I can dream can't I!!!

I wrote a haiku this morning:

Tell me, what is life
when compared to the booming
silence of the soul?

Take care, Sue