Wednesday, January 18, 2006

new thoughts about a creativity magazine


As I said, the ideas for the blog, website, podcast focus changes every day. I wrote my sister Patty who is a webmistress and teaches web at a prep school in PA. Here are some of the ideas I jotted down for her input:

I'm trying to revive my "creativity" and I've noticed some really interesting Blog sites where people seem to actually be making money from their specific art. Since I'm all over the map (i'm not sure whether I'm a musician, an artist, or a knitwear designer!) I thought, hell, why don't I just do a website magazine where I just practice being creative in whatever hits me. I've already picked out a name "Cloud Heights" which relates to an I Ching reading that says:

The wild goose gradually draws near the clouds heights.
Its feathers can be used for the sacred dance.
Good fortune.

Would you be interested in helping me create this website? I not only want to talk about art and creativity but also do a section on spirituality. There could also be a "Joe Corner" where we could publish some of his writings.

Here's another twist. I want to start a podcast that would be associated with my guitar site. I got some breaking news last week. The website where my guitar site is housed is going to become the official Joni Mitchell webiste ( This is pretty huge so this may also bring a lot of hits to my creativity site.

Let me know what you think. Maybe Sara can help, too! Maybe we can have fashion and culinary tips from Kate. Maybe we can post some of your photos for sale. MBs jewelry. A Percolators CD. It could be anything that works ... freeflowing creativity ...

thinking about this is really exciting.


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