Monday, February 06, 2006

Joni's Cat is sick!

Wow, I'm really glad I decided not to go to the Joni tribute at Carnegie Hall. It turned out Joni didn't go because her cat was sick! Hope you are feeling better, kitty. Plus the joniListas at jmdl gave the show a lukewarm review so if they didn't like it, it must have really sucked!! Saved by the universe again!

Great news from my friend, Les Irvin, at the website. Since's creator Wally Breese's death in 2000, his friend Jim has been keeping the site going ... but recently he decided to turn the reins over to Les and his Joni Mitchell discussion list site (where my guitar site lives). So the jmdl site is now I thought this was so wonderful at first, but then it hit me: my guitar site is now on the OFFICIAL Joni Mitchell website. Les also gave me a new email address: HOW COOL IS THAT!!

Well if you like Joni and like to play guitar I want to give you an introduction to the way I started playing Joni. It began with the song People's Parties off the Court & Spark album. I found Howard Wright's tabulature on OLGA (the outlaw website: On-Line Guitar Archive) in open D tuning: DADF#AD I started to play and it was almost like my fairy godmother hit me on the head with her wand. It sounded wonderful. I was determined to get an archive going of just Joni's songs played as Joni plays them. If you are interested, go to the site at the new URL:

Joni Mitchell Guitar Database

Listen to an mp3 of me playing People's Parties at the 2002 Jonifest at this site. It also includes my versions of an unreleased song, Come to the Sunshine, and Jericho:

Moon Over Joni

seeya, Sue

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