Saturday, February 11, 2006

Let the Games Begin!!

Well, like a cocky figure skater trying a triple lutz right out of the gate, I caught my toe at lift off and made an embarrasing sliding crash on to the ice. I prepared my swatch and my schematic to precision and then got the measurements all wrong.

Let's start from the beginning. I arrived at my local knitting shop, Knitting etc. at 6:00 (this was late into their 2:00-7:00 Olympic cast-on party). I had my eye on getting another ribbon yarn to start my sweater because the Lion Brand incredible was very stiff and I was wondering about wearability. Amy, nice shop person, showed me a cowled sleeveless sweater made in Berocco Zen and I loved it. I cast on a swatch of a shiny blue/matte grey and it was perfect. I cast on the desired stitches, met a bunch of nice people and ate scones and pineapple. I hated to leave at 7:00. So I paid more than I ever paid for yarn in my life and bought all 7 skeins of Zen in this pretty color. Here is my progress so far before the tragic exit onto the ice:

About 8:45 am EST I realized that I had the measurements all wrong on my schematic. If I continued in this way, the bust measurement would be a whopping 52 in!!!! Crash, burn, ice scrapes my face while all the world watches!! I redid my schematic and ventured on. I will go into the locker room and get bandaged up and wait for the next trial. For right now I have to pay some bills and do recycling. I will attempt my next cast-on later today.

Oh the agony of an olympian. Where's Bob McKay when you need him?


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