Friday, February 09, 2007

My Going Away Party!

Sorry knitting gang, this is a post about my going away party that was thrown by my friends in the Dean of Students Office. I got a new job in Alumni Affairs and Development as a Research Analyst. So after 13 years in DOS I got a wonderful send off. Here are some pics:

Michael, me, Carol and Lennon

Casey, me, Chrissie and Alice

Roxanne, Suzanne, me, David and Lynn

Lisa, Liz, me and Dan

Sue, Linda, me, Laurie and Kim

Cutter, Tara, Pam, me, Judy, and Barb

My Dean, Kent, me and Sue (check out her awesome scarf - this is the knitting content!)

Brendan, me, Gwendolyn and Sarah

A ton of fun was had by all. And the Dean and his wife Sue got me a $100 gift certificate to my favorite LYS!!! YEAH.


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