Wednesday, May 21, 2008



I know I've been neglectful but since "RAVELRY" I spend more time there than here. Something very great about ravelry is that you can actually talk to the designer of the sweater you are working on. I've been a subscriber to Vogue Knitting since 1986 and I've always loved the designs of Norah Gaughan. Her very first design for Vogue Knitting, if I am correct, is the sleeveless tank in the VK Spring '87. So I recently bought her Berroco Vol 2 with some beautiful designs for spring. I had some green Berroco Bonsai in my stash from last year so I decided to make "Mobius" pictured below:

I really enjoyed knitting this sweater. Never really put it down till I was done, and I spent 5 hours last Saturday morning doing the finishing. I was being very finicky for me, especially on the collar, which I really wanted to fall right. Here are the results:

So I posted my finished pictures at the Norah Gaughan fans forum on Ravelry and Norah commented back that she thought I did a good job!!! How cool is that? I'm not sure how much designers, artists, poets, musicians, writers, and all other creative people understand how much their art adds to people's lives. Beauty shared is one of my favorite parts of life. Thanks Norah! If I could sit down and play you a couple of Joni songs maybe that would be another moment of beauty I could share with you. Ahhh, so much beauty, so little time.

I am an overenthusiastic person, if you haven't already guessed.

take care, Sue

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Mo said...

My copy of NV Vol2 arrived just yesterday. I am making Pleat and Flow. I ad not heard of the Mobius pattern until I looked at the booklet.
Your version rocks!