Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Flip Flop Socks, by popular demand!


I posted some knitting projects on my facebook page and a friend emailed me and said "Please make me a pair of flip flop socks so I can give them to my friend for Christmas!" So I bought a big skein of Berroco Sox and pulled out the 56 stitch sock pattern (my favorite sock pattern!) and modified it a bit. I tried this once before by ribbing for an inch when you were supposed to do the toe decrease, and then sewing together the ribbing between the big toe and the next toe, but that stitch kept ripping out. So I decided to go the extra mile and actually make a separate ribbing for the toe. Here is the modification:

Knit 8 rows K2, P2 ribbing. Then start heel. Continue in pattern till you reach length of foot to the toes. Instead of toe decrease, put first 10 sts of instep on one needle, put next 36 sts on holder or scrap yarn, then put last 10 sts on another needle (add third needle and distribute sts evenly). Knit 20 sts, then pick up one st on instep and one st on back. K1, p1 around on 22 sts for 4 rows. Bind off. Then put 36 sts on 3 needles. Knit 36 sts, then pick up one st one st on back and one st on instep. K1 p1 around on 38 sts for 4 rows. Bind off.

YEAH, flip flock socks!! Have fun! Sue


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