Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Slouchy Hat: Free Pattern!

My sister Patty loved this hat that Jennifer Aniston was wearing in a photo online, so we bought some yarn when we were at the grand opening of GoshYarnIt, this cute new shop near her house in Wilkes Barre, PA.

Here is the quick pattern:

3 skeins Classic Alpaca from The Alpaca Yarn Company.  110 yds. DK weight.  I used colorway Sea Green.
1 circular needle size 6, 16 in.  1 set of 5 double pointed needles size 6.

Gauge: 22 sts and 28 rows for 4 ins. 

Cast on 122 sts with #6, 16 in circular and rib 1x1 for an inch and a half. Increase Row: stockinette st k5, m1 around, end k2. Then knit for 7 ins. First decrease row:  K4, K2tog around. Dec 2 more sts within the next 4 rows to get to 120 sts. Knit for 2 more ins.

Decrease crown: Row 1:K10, K2tog around Row 2: K. Repeat these two rows, knitting one less stitch (eg. K9, K2tog for row 3, K8, K2tog, for Row 5, etc.) Also change to double pointed needles when crown gets too small). When you get to 12 sts, K2tog around. Cut yarn and slip through last 6 sts, pulling together, then secure yarn. Done.

Here is Patty and her new slouchy hat (and her new grandbaby Lily!)

Take care, Sue

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