Monday, June 26, 2006

Good Nautie, Bad Tutu or My Trip to NYC


Just got back from an exiting trip to the Big Apple. I love jumping in my car and going on excursions like this. I had several "dates" set up for this journey. On Friday night I attended the Cornell LGBT Alumni Pride Celebration on the 60th floor solarium penthouse near Wall St. Although I was an hour late because of mind-numbing traffic, I arrived and was thrilled to see so many former students. It was a blast. Kent and his wife Sue were there, too (Sue is a fab knitter!) Although a little rainy on Friday night the view from the terrace was amazing.

Second date on my journey was to visit my brother Tom and his wife Miriam in Brooklyn Heights. I brought Farrell his 6th birthday present, the Nautie!, and HE LOVED IT!! He even brought it to bed with him when he said goodnight. I call that a major success. He loved the fact it was a fossil, and showed us the other present he got for his birthday, a T-Rex model which my brother told me came in a brick and he had to excavate it and put it together just like a real paleantologist (with Dad's help). So cute!

I also told Miriam about Piper's Tutu that I was making and learned some very important information: NO PINK. Miriam makes a point of never putting pink on Piper. I'm not sure what the rationale is for that but I was very happy to hear that!! No biggie. I'll go look up another cute pattern for a sundress for her and I'm sure I'll be able to find another toddler cutie who likes pink. What's the point in making something that won't be worn, I say! That means I can start another project! :-)

Date 3: I met up with my daughter Kate and took the subway to SoHo where she works at NikeID. She designed me some cool sister spirit soccer sneakers and then I had to say goodbye, but I asked her how far away purl soho knit shop was. It turned out it was only 3 blocks away!! I've been to purl's website many times and Kate bought me some purple skeins of Cascade 220 there for Christmas last year. It was POURING rain and all I had was my distrato poncho so I cut under the awnings till I got to sullivan street. The shop was adorable! I was probably there for a little under an hour perusing sock yarn and patterns. I also wanted to look at Alchemy's Synchronicity for the Rock Star pattern but I was underwhelmed. For $24 a skein it already looked a little pilly so I passed it by. I did end up buying some outrageously expensive sock yarn: two skeins of Koigu KPPN for 11.50 each and a set of #2.5 bamboo double pointed needles (I thought 2.5 was a funny size!). I started a Jaywalker sock while I was in Brooklyn and the yarn is luscious! (Although I pulled it out because the size was too big). Here is a shot of the yarn.

I'm sorry I don't have more pictures of the weekend but as I was driving into NYC I was on the phone with Kate getting directions to her Nike shop and my phone went dead! Bummer!! I really need to get a digital camera bad. I would love to show you more shots of the streets of New York in the rain. I really had a lot of fun. Freewheeling!

This week's project is Sonnet. I was thinking about starting a halter top but I want to behave and keep going with the finish project.

Have a great day, sue

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