Friday, June 23, 2006

Progress this week on Piper's Tutu


I thought since I'm working on UFOs week to week I would give Friday updates. I had given myself a deadline of this Friday to finish the tutu so I could bring it down to Brooklyn this weekend when I visit my brother and his family. Well I finished the back. Progress is progress and really Piper's birthday isn't until July 8 so I still have time. That's another problem I have with not finishing projects, especially if I'm making them for a special occasion. I get disgusted with myself if I don't meet a specific deadline (e.g. Christmas presents) so I just chuck the UFO deep into my stash closet and it gets forgotten. I think that if I control myself I could say "ok I missed my deadline, but this could still be a really cute Valentine's day present or a "It's just a Monday" present. Who cares? Just give!

Ok, so here is the back of the tutu finished:

Speaking of giving, yesterday while I was knitting I was reminiscing about my brother Tom (Piper's Dad) when he was 2. He was such a cute baby and I was 10 years older than him so I remember a lot about when he was that age. He clung to a blanket and sucked his thumb just like Linus from Peanuts. We actually loved Peanuts at that time and at Christmas time I would paint our back sliding glass doors with the ice skating scenes from "A Charlie Brown Christmas." I googled Linus blanket to see if any savvy knitter had created a pattern, and came to the Project Linus website. I think I remember Brenda Dayne talking about this charity on her podcast. I thought about designing a pattern that would be just like the classic wool satin-trimmed green blanket that my baby brother carried around religiously when he was a toddler. Well, if I pursue this idea, I will keep you posted. Now I have to plug along with the tutu on the off chance I can finish it before I get to Brooklyn tomorrow!

Have a great day!!


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