Thursday, December 06, 2007

Back Blogging!


I went on a hiatus for a while from blogging because I had to give up my laptop when I switched jobs. Now I've got a new laptop thanks to my patron, Jimmy, who is underwriting my many creative projects. God Bless you St. Jimbo! I've been busy knitting a pile of stuff, and even designing some pieces for the eventual launch of my design site.

My latest finished project is a stash creation made from some Berroco Cotton Twist I got on sale last year. The pattern is from the berroco site: Wren; but for my version I omitted the sleeves and made the V deeper. Below is my version and the picture from the berroco site:

That's actually Jimmy over my shoulder in the picture. Also, I bought a beautiful G clef rhinestone pin for the vest from my local vintage shop for $1.50. It has the double significance of being musical and looking like my initial "S."

Other events since the last posting is the birth of Bluey's kittens. Five beauties which I named after Joni songs: Hunter, Willie, Amelia, Hana and Marcie. After I took the kittens to the vet, I found out Marcie was a boy, so I had to re-name him Marky! Hunter and Hana were the purer siamese, while Amelia (who I called Mimi) was a little greyer with crossed eyes. Willie and Marky looked like their tiger daddy and had these cool ring tails. See my photo of them below. Unfortunately, they are all committed to new homes among my friends, so it will just be me and Bluey after this weekend. We had so much fun with the experience!

Take care, sue

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