Friday, March 20, 2009



Although almost 40 people got laid off in my department this week, I made the cut and still have my job (deep sigh of relief!). It's tough out there ... I never really worried about losing my job, but I actually got the call from human resources and had to do the "dead man walking" trudge to her office. Thank goodness the first thing they said was I was NOT being laid off, but they needed to talk to everyone. It took about 15 minutes for my blood pressure to get back to normal!

Well with the economic realities in mind, I am in the process of STASHBUSTING! This will stop me from buying more yarn. (although I do have a birthday gift certificate to Knitting Etc. burning a hole in my pocket!)

I had this terry cloth acrylic hanging around and I just decided to make a hangaround sweater with it. I was browsing my old VKs and found this sweater by Norah Gaughan which looked perfect. Raglan sleeves, my favorite!! this will probably become my weekend yard work sweater!!

The yarn is Red Heart Baby Teri in a white/green. It looks just like a towel. I've finished front back and one sleeve so I hope to finish it this weekend.

All is progressing with my tendenitis. I go to physical therapy once a week and my yoga instructor is giving me good tips on how to exercise the arm so I don't get "frozen shoulder" which sounds horrible!!

Hope to have more pictures of this STASHBUSTER!! on Monday.

Enjoy, Sue

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