Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Simple Pleasures Hat finished!


Although my arm injury is still not getting better, I finished my Simple Pleasures Hat using continental knitting. All I can say is switching to continental knitting really didn't change the pain in my arm, plus all I can do is knit and purl, I had a lot of trouble knitting 2 together or anything else. So I think the main issue is knitting less (boo hoo!) I started physical therapy and I'm back to yoga, so we'll see how that regimen works.

The hat is adorable. I mentioned on my ravelry page that my adjustments to the pattern to fit gauge backfired on me and made the hat HUGE! I did wear it once but I looked like that guy from the Fat Albert cartoons who had a hat for a head! So I frogged and went back to the original instructions and it came out very nice.

Hope you are having a great day! Sue

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