Thursday, July 06, 2006

New Design In Progress: A Fringed Tank

I'm on vacation (YEAH) and I started designing a new sweater. About two years ago my sister, MB, gave me a cone of cotton chenille that she bought on ebay that looks very suede (color called champagne). I started a couple of projects with it but frogged all of them because they didn't fit the "suede look." Being an old hippy, when I think suede, I think fringe. So I decided on a boatneck tank with fringe. I have started experimenting with drawings in Illustrator, and here is my sketch of the tank:

I'm still deciding just how much fringe I want, front and back every three inches and at the botton edge and collar edge or just up to the bust in the front and along the bottom edge and plain on the back. I'll see how it goes. All over fringe might look like a flapper shirt (although that might be cute). I'm using an eyelet pattern every three inches on front and back which will either attach the fringe or just be a pattern if I decide not to fringe all over.

The eyelet pattern goes like this:
Row 1: K, Row 2: K, Row 3: K1, *K2tog, YO* end K1, Row 4: K. Row 5: Repeat Row 3, Row 6: K.

Here is my progress on the knitting so far:

I added fringe to the botton edge to see if a three-inch hang would work. I like it. I'm using size 5 needles at 5.5 st per inch. It will be size L (40 in bust).

This is going to be one of two projects (including Sonnet) that I will try to finish by the end of July for the Stashalong July Challenge.

Wish me luck!! One more day till I go to the beach!!!! YEAH!!


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