Monday, August 07, 2006

My New Friend!


Since my breakup I've been thinking about getting a cat. Then I decided I wanted a siamese cat, so I saw that there was a siamese mix at the SPCA but when I got there it was like an inmate insurrection!! The cat attendent had this crazed calico scratching her face (a lot of bleeding) and the other cats were hissing at each other. The siamese I wanted to look at was cowering in the corner and as she wiped the blood from her face the attendent said, "I wouldn't pet her, she bites!" As I left even the kittens were fighting! Bad day in the lock-up!!!

So I looked at the local internet classifieds and a woman in Penn Yann was selling pure siamese kittens for a reasonable price. So I drove the almost 2 hours (through gorgeous farmland and lakeviews) to Penn Yann and found her farm. When I walked into her small house there were two kids, five dogs, and two cats each with their own litter. (oh yes and the horses and cows in the back yard). I picked out one of the three girls. Here she is, my new pal, Joyous Blue:

I call her Joy or Bluey, whichever works. I was amazed at how small she is, she's only 8 weeks old. She is not even 24 hours at the house and she's using her litter box and exploring all the hiding places in the living room. I sneezed a little bit, but overall I'm not allergic to her (not that bad).

When I left her to go to work today I left on the new age channel on my xmradio and she snuggled right up to the speaker! I now take back everything I said about people going on and on about their cats on their knitting blogs!

take care, sue


Robyn - Red Bird Knits said...

What a cutie pie! Cats are great companions and NEVER leave the toilet seat up. Have fun with her.

Sue McNamara said...

Good advice! I was actually worried about that yesterday and put the toilet cover down and closed the door! thanks, sue

Anonymous said...

Sue - I too got a cat after my relationship ended. it did help, she is my little pal. She doesn't even bother my knitting! Now I am just beginning to poke my head into the world again... but just barely. I admit, I sort of snapped... not in a crazy way, but stayed with a friend, stopped looking for a new job ASAP, and just knitted and watched cartoons. I feel much better!! I hope you feel better too, and I'm sure your new kitten will help you discover new joys! (pun intended...!)