Friday, February 13, 2009

Current Remedy for Insanity: Continental Knitting!

Ok, so I resigned myself to finding other activities besides knitting and decided to look through my old Vogue Knittings (starting with 1983!). While I was perusing a late 80's version, I came across an Elizabeth Zimmerman article on the difference between continental and american knitting. The most I could get out of the article (she was being her usual obtuse self) was that american was throwing and continental had more two handed action. When I got back to my computer I did a google search for "continental knitting" and found this tutorial on youtube:

Continental Knitting Demo

I watched the whole thing carefully and then when I got home from work, I tried it. It was slow going at first but I worked a couple of rows in the round on the Simple Pleasures Hat from purlbee that I started about two weeks ago. Nothing horrible happened and my arm seems to be getting slightly better. I guess the bottom line is I still need to learn a little moderation (and go to physical therapy) but I'm going to see if I can finish the hat just doing continental: Thankfully the hat is mostly k2, p2 rib and stockinette. I'm hoping I can relieve a little pressure on my arm and also learn something new! Another VK article I read was an early interview with Norah Gaughan and she said she knits continental, too. Cool.

PS, I'll post this to my ravelry site, but I substituted Misti Alpaca Lace 2-ply for the cashmere in the SP hat. I had to use three strands to get the right gauge for the ribbing.

Take care, Sue

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