Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Sorrow of a Knitting Injury

Boo HOO!! I have finally succumbed to the reality that my knitting injury is so bad that I can't even knit for a little while, knit with bigger needles, crochet instead of knit, knit in the round, nothing, nada, stop, really stop ... I can't knit, my arm hurts so bad just sitting still. So the reality also hits me how much I think about knitting. I was just in the post office and a lady in front of me was wearing a lovely handknit vest in my favorite color (camel) garter stitch edgings with a flattering rounded cabled front with a wood toggle at the breast. AGH! I didn't even care that it looked like she used a cheap acrylic bulky, I was insanely jealous. Boo hoo!! (see my own recent camel cabled version of cheap acrylic bulky!)

So what now? Do I plan future knitting projects for when my arm recovers? Do I read back issues of Vogue Knitting? I feel like this is comparable to sitting outside a bar after rehab. Do I search for a new obsession?

Well before I start anything I need to get an assessment of how bad my injury is. I've signed up for physical therapy. Until I get my prognosis I won't start giving away my stash.


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